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Fairfax and Favor were founded in 2013 with the aim of bridging the gap between smart and casual. Whether you are required to dress up for the occasion - or down, as so often in modern society, Fairfax & Favor can provide you with the perfect blend of traditional British style and modern contemporary elegance. Whether you have just finished a day’s shooting in the country or you are about to leave for an evening at the smartest place in town, you can be quite confident that your Fairfax & Favors will never let you down!

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FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Fairfax and Favor

A British brand that has grown at a phenomenal rate, Fairfax & Favor is only in its sixth year of business. Established by childhood friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker in 2013, they created a luxury country lifestyle brand offering quality boots, shoes and accessories.

Every business has a story and Fairfax & Favor is no different. Their journey to success started a little differently than you might expect.

From bouncy castles to Burghley
As teenagers, the two friends decided to combine their middle names to form their first business venture under the name Fairfax & Favor. Was it in shoes, boots or handbags? No, it was nothing like. Their first enterprise was a bouncy castle company. However, the initial capital costs and insurance required for bouncy castles made the venture unfeasible.

Their next business was selling leather gun slips to clay shooters. Unfortunately, both ventures failed to take off, but they gained business insight and knowledge of leather.

Then Fairfax & Favor as we know it was born. Marcus and Felix decided to use their leather knowledge and develop handcrafted leather shoes and boots. They wanted to make quality shoes and founded the brand with an adventurous ethos.

The start of their shoe brand was not without its risks. From the manufacture of their first loafer in Spain, to finding their ‘feet’, pun intended, in their market. With a hunger to succeed, they did end up showcasing their brand at the legendary Burghley Horse Trials and many more country fairs. How did they get there? It all started in Spain.

The factory in Alicante
Marcus and Felix discovered a factory in Spain that would manufacture their shoes. The snag with all the manufacturers is that they would only take large orders. Taking a trip to the mountains of Alicante, they wanted to see the factory for themselves. They met the makers and took a risk ordering their first 420 pairs of loafers – paying upfront for delivery in four weeks.

Only 390 pairs of Fairfax & Favor branded loafers arrived six weeks later. Storing the shoes in Marcus’ Mum’s attic, they needed to generate cash fast. Their first sales strategies did not work. Doorstep selling to shops in Norwich and selling to friends and family lacked longevity.

Time to visit the fair
What put the brand on the map? Selling at game and country fairs.

In the summer of 2013, Fairfax & Favor managed to secure a deal on a last-minute cancellation at the Holkham Country Fair in Norwich. They pitched up and managed to sell 80 pairs of shoes. This was enough to cover their costs and they invested the remaining money back into the business. This sales strategy was a success and continues to be used by the brand today.

After a brief legal wrangle over their off-the-shelf loafers, they set about designing their own styles. Their success started with ‘Regina’.

The making of ‘Regina’
Fairfax & Favor saw an opportunity. They re-imagined the traditional Spanish riding boot, giving it a slim-fit heel and interchangeable tassels. Named ‘Regina’, it is a stylish knee-length boot to suit any occasion.

This distinctive boot remains one of Fairfax & Favor’s core styles. Far from a clunky design, Regina has the glamour of a boot you can wear in the town or country.

The original Regina boot featured what is described as a ‘flat’ heel, but they are not completely flat. The Flat Regina has a low 3cm heel. Then in 2015, the higher Heeled Regina boot with a 5cm Cuban heel was developed. Both heel heights are available today.

Handbags to match
In 2014 Fairfax & Favor added leather handbags to their range - a natural fit for a luxury shoe brand. Previously, the brand had only offered shoes, boots and loafers, but women wanted handbags to match their boots.

The Windsor handbag was their first design. This original tote bag has now been followed by other styles including the Mini Windsor and Loxley.

The Fairfax & Favor experience
More than a handshake, more than a transaction – Fairfax & Favor always wanted to create an experience associated with their brand. They invite their customers to be part of their story, whether through modelling their boots in photo shoots, or while visiting their pop-up stores and stands. The adventurous and fun ethos that started the brand has remained.

Enter one of their stands and you will be hit by the buzz of excitement. They include music on their stands, offer customers free drinks of champagne, cocktails or beer, and aim to offer the perfect customer experience. When they first went to The Game Fair they had a gin bar and a magician! Now they offer a personal shopping experience at their Showroom in Norfolk, which is also the home to their headquarters.

Finding fame and favour
Fairfax & Favor believes in creating stylish classics that showcase craftsmanship, not fast fashion. A young and vibrant brand, it has a loyal following and has been worn by several celebrities like Claire Balding, Kate Humble and Made in Chelsea’s Josh Patterson.

Fairfax & Favor has come far from its first makeshift stand at Holkham Country Fair. It is now a multi-million pound business, stocked in 70 locations across the UK including Harrods. In 2018, Fairfax & Favor were the lead sponsor of the Rockingham Castle Horse Trials and held stands at over 40 country fairs across the UK and Europe.

The brand is for women and men, town and country. Their range is handmade in Portugal and the brand continues to be innovative. Their Imperial Explorer boot is designed for muddy country wear and won ‘New Footwear Product’ at the 2017 Shooting Industry Awards.

Fairfax & Favor also gives back. Since 2016 they have supported Breast Cancer Care with sales of limited edition pink tassels, raising valuable funds for the charity.

A Hume is a Premier Fairfax & Favor stockist meaning we work closely with the brand and stock a large selection of their ladies range.  

Leather boots
When you buy a pair of Fairfax & Favor leather boots you will want to look after them to extend their wear. They are made from natural leather which benefits from care.

Follow our easy care steps below:

Step 1: Remove dirt
If you get mud, snow or salt water on your boots – hose it off with clean water and leave to dry naturally for at least 24 hours.

Step 2: Renew
Use Fairfax & Favor Leather Cream to condition the leather, prevent cracking and ensure your boots stay waterproof.

How to use Leather Cream?

  • Select the right colour – use neutral leather cream for all leather apart from black. For black leather boots we recommend using the black leather cream to maintain the colour.
  • Use a soft brush, cloth or old toothbrush to work the cream generously into the leather. Pay particular attention to the creases of the toe flex and the edges of the boot that adjoin the sole.
  • Buff with a clean soft cloth.

What to avoid?

  • Do not over soak your boots as this can encourage the leather to crack.
  • Never dry next to a fire, radiator or other heat source. Dry boots naturally at an even, room temperature.

Removing scuffs or scratches from leather:
Fairfax & Favor advise buffing out scuffs through simply using the body heat from your hands and leather cream:

Step 1: Use your hands
Use the heat of your hands to rub out the mark or scuffed area. Move your hand briskly and continuously, allowing the heat and friction to cover up marks.

Step 2: Leather cream
If the mark still remains, apply a small amount of leather cream using an old toothbrush or soft bristle brush. Work into the leather, then buff out the mark.

Suede boots and shoes
Many of Fairfax & Favor’s most popular shoe and boot styles are made from suede. To look after your Regina Boots for example, follow the care steps below.

Step 1: Protect
Treat the suede using Fairfax & Favor Suede and Nubuck Proofer spray before first wear and on a regular basis, ideally once a month. This gives the suede water-resistance, where water will run off the suede instead of soaking in.

How to use the Proofer?

  • Spray from about a foot away.
  • Apply one single layer.
  • Spray the entire boot, covering all sides.  
  • Leave to dry naturally.

Step 2: Remove dry dirt
If you get any dirt on your suede boots, let it dry fully. Then brush off using a soft-bristle suede brush. Stubborn marks on suede can be removed with a leather stick or rubber suitable for suede.

What to avoid?

  • Avoid wearing suede boots in bad weather conditions.
  • Do not attempt to remove dirt while still wet. This will press the dirt further into the suede.
  • Avoid brushing the sole after applying Fairfax & Favor Suede and Nubuck Proofer spray. Sole dye may transfer to lighter fabrics when wet.

Velvet Electra boots
We recommend simply using a soft bristle brush on your Electra boots to brush away any dust or debris.

How to change the tassels on your boots?
A great feature of Fairfax & Favor boots is the interchangeable tassels. It is easy to change them whenever you want:

Step 1:
Turn over the tassel you want to remove and take if off its stud at the back, then slip it away from the zip loop.

Step 2:
Take the new tassel and place the elongated tab through the zip loop. Ensure the Fairfax & Favor shield detail faces towards you.

Step 3: 
Push the stud through the pre-cut hole in the tab, so your new tassel swings freely on the zip loop.

Step 4: 
Repeat with the tassel on the other boot.

Storing your boots
If you are not wearing your Fairfax & Favor boots for a period of time, clean them before storing away. Ideally use the Fairfax & Favor Boot Trees to maintain their shape. If you are storing the boots in their original box, we advise laying the tassels flat along the zip line to prevent curving of the tassels. Store in a place that is free from damp and dust.

Handbag care
Protect your Fairfax & Favor handbag in the same way you would protect your shoes. Spray suede protector on suede areas before use, or use leather cream to condition smooth leather.

If you get dirt on a suede handbag, let it dry first and then gently brush off using a soft-bristle suede brush.

When not in use, protect your handbag from dust and debris by storing it in the fabric bag it came in. 

Boot style
Fairfax & Favor’s iconic knee-length Regina Boots are designed to fit neatly around your leg for a flattering silhouette. The elasticated panels on the boot spine give stretch to the calf area. The Regina also includes a full leather lined interior and memory foam insole for comfort. You can choose from suede or leather designs and two different heel heights; the ‘Flat’ Regina that has a low 3cm heel or the Heeled Regina with a 5cm Cuban heel.

For glamorous weekend style, the Amira is ideal. This over the knee boot from Fairfax & Favor features a 7cm heel and a full leather lining for supreme comfort. The full calf length zip to the back and a second zip to the foot, allows you to slip them on easily.

Looking for a premium outdoor boot for all weathers? Choose the Imperial Explorer boot which is designed with a water-resistant and breathable membrane. The boots include a soft venison leather inner and leather detailing along the length of the zip. To complete this durable boot, the spine is double stitched for strength.

Fairfax & Favor also offer a collection of heeled Chelsea boots in several styles to take you from town to country. The Electra Chelsea boot is made with elegant soft velvet and a cushioned insole. These dress boots are perfect for wearing to dinners, parties and evening events.

Change the tassels to suit your style
All Regina and Amira boots come with matching coloured tassels. The tassels are interchangeable, so you can style your boots with different tassels to suit your outfit.

You can also change the tassels on the Windsor Handbag. This handbag is Fairfax & Favor’s original design and the interchangeable tassels mean you can match them to your boots.

Loafer style
The Fairfax & Favor Aspley has a traditional loafer style and is perfect for dressing smart-casual at the weekend. Soft suede and a comfort padded insole make this shoe both stylish and comfortable. The Fairfax & Favor signature metal chain detail on the front completes the look.

The Henley is Fairfax & Favor’s driving shoe. A more casual loafer design than the Aspley, it has a rubber nubbed outer sole and padded insole. It comes in an array of colours and is both practical and stylish, with plaited leather lacing to the top.

Wearing your boots and finding the right fit

Shoe sizes:
Fairfax & Favor ladies boots and shoes are available in UK full sizes 3 – 9. They also offer a 7 and a half shoe size.

We recommend that you consider going up a size with all Fairfax & Favor shoes and boots. The fit can be slightly narrow. The Henley loafer style in particular is narrow and has a moulded driver sole. These loafers soften up beautifully with wear.

What is the difference between calf fittings?
The Regina and Imperial Explorer boot styles are available in two calf fittings in some colours, Regular Fit and Sporting Fit. Their standard fit or Regular Fit is designed to suit most people’s calves.

The Sporting Fit is designed for an athletic calf. It gives you an extra 3cm on the calf width of Imperial Explorer Boots and an extra 4cm on the calf width of Regina Boots.

The boot calf measurements differ depending on the style and shoe size. See our ‘Size Guide’ on each product page for exact calf measurement details.

Putting on your boots

Tips for putting on the Regina:

  • First, put your weight through the heel, keeping the boot on the floor.
  • Pull the elastic panel round from the back so the leather pieces meet either side of the zip.  
  • Keeping one hand on the top of the boot, use your other hand to pull up the zip.
  • Hold the zip at the top, above the badge to pull it up.
  • Then run your thumb along the inside of the orange lining as you pull the zip up.
  • Always keep the lining tucked in when you are zipping up the boot.

Tips for putting on the Imperial Explorer:

  • Never zip up your Imperial Explorer boot without flattening the gusset area first.
  • Pull the leather over the gusset.
  • Zip up your boot by holding the zip at the top, above the badge. Use your thumb to keep the leather gusset flat and tucked in while you zip it up.

Will the boot fit change after wear?
Yes, all natural leather boots will soften with wear. This is normal as the leather relaxes and adjusts to the shape of your foot. Suede boots also naturally relax slightly around the ankle area when they are worn.