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Tartans and Kiltwear

Tartan Kilts and Trousers (Trews)

We offer a Made to Measure service for kilts and tartan trousers and sell all the accompanying accessories. In addition, we offer a very high quality kilt and formal wear hire service if you happen to be visiting the area for a Wedding or formal occasion.

We can make kilts and tartan trousers in over 500 different tartans and can help choose the correct tartan for your family name. Our selection is huge and we will be able to help you find the exact tartan you would like using our many reference books.

We can send sample tartan swatches to you from the various Scottish Mills we use so you can be sure that you have your garments made on the exact tartan you would like.
Our price list is shown below -

Made to Measure Kilts and Tartan Trousers Price List

Gentlemens 8yd Kilt (12/13oz)  
Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest  
Black Argyle Jacket   
Tweed Day Jacket  
Flashes for socks
Free in same tartan as kilt
Kilt Belt & Buckle      
White Hose Socks (Evening)  
Charcoal Hose Socks (Day)  
Kilt Pin  
from 17.50
Dress Sporran  
from 140.00
Day Sporran  
from 75.00
Skean Dhu
from 49.95
Black Broques 
Tartan Trousers
from 245.00
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in either our hire service or any of our kiltwear and tartan range by e mailing or telephoning +44 (0) 1573 224620.
We are very experienced Kiltmakers and are sure to be able to assist.