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In-House Alterations at Humes Outfitters

Free Alterations on Trousers

It is important that trousers fit perfectly, and we know that length is one of the most important factors, that is why we offer free leg length alterations on all full priced trousers at Humes Outfitters. 

Simply add your desired leg length to the notes section when checking out and our in-house seamstress Mo will alter them to fit you perfectly. 

Mo works Tuesdays and Fridays, and therefore your trousers will be altered on the soonest day after your order has been placed, they will then be dispatched the day they are altered.

In-House Alterations Price List

We are also delighted to be able to offer our alteration services across many of our other product offerings. We recommend coming in-store to discuss your desired alterations with Mo and to have your items pinned to perfection.

Mo works Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and if you would like to book in to see her or discuss any of our alterations please give us a call on 01573 224620.

Replacement zip into trouser  £30 Plus zip cost 
Shortening trousers (jeans & trousers)  £15  
Shortening trousers (trousers with kick tape)  £20  
Shortening trousers by turn up  £25  
Bringing in trouser waist  From £12.50  
Letting out trouser waist  From £12.50  
Putting gusset into trouser  From £35  
Supplying & sewing brace buttons  £30 Plus button cost
New clips on trouser waist (inc clips)  £15  
New belt loops on trousers £40  
Tapering trouser legs  £25  
Moving kilt buckles  £30  
Supplying & sewing new straps for kilts  £25 Plus strap cost
Supplying material & making new flashes  £30 Plus bands (tartan usually left over from kilt. 
Replacing tassels on sporran (all 3)  £10 Plus tassels costs 
Kilt Jackets
Supplying kilt buttons (large)  TBC Cost of buttons
Supplying kilt buttons (medium)  TBC Cost of buttons
Supplying kilt buttons (small)  TBC Cost of buttons
Take in jacket  £20  
Changing buttons on blazer (customer supplied buttons)  £30  
Shorten jacket sleeves  £40  
Lengthen jacket sleeves  £48  
Replacement zip £48 Plus zip costs
Alcantara on Jacket Elbows £48 Plus Alcantara Costs
Alcantara on Jacket Cuffs £20 Plus Alcantara Costs
Alcantara on elbows of knitwear  £20 Plus Alcantara Costs 
Taking in/ letting out a waistcoat  £30
Shortening sleeve  £25
Shortening sleeve  £20
Take in shirt  £39
Shortening Length  £25
Shortening Length  From £25
Taking in From £25
Shoulder adjustment on dress From £25