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    Cleaning Out Your Country Pantry

      Households across the world unite, safeguarding a deep and dark secret, shuddering at the thought of any outsider stumbling across the unorganised mess that is lurking behind their kitchen pantry…

  • Country Lifestyle

    A Day At The Virtual Races

    Racegoers rejoice! As this Saturday we ask you to brush off your suit, pull out your frock and shine your shoes, as there is a small glimmer of hope at the…

  • Country Lifestyle

    Staying Connected

      We are a very sociable bunch here at A Hume Country Clothing and we know that connecting with people socially is a huge part of our day to day lives,…

  • Country Lifestyle

    Working from Home Lunches

    3 brilliant lunches for when everyone’s eating at home.   There’s a lot more pressure on the home kitchen with everybody eating at home, especially when it comes to lunches. Previously…

  • Country Lifestyle

    Viral Kindness

    A word or two on staying happy, healthy and connected.   As life becomes uncertain and we commence operation ‘hunker down’  to deal with the pandemic we wanted to touch base…