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Best Walking Apps for Finding Routes and Footpaths

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In the countryside there is no shortage of enchanting paths that you can get lost in (and literally get lost on). Whether you are taking your best four-legged friends for a relaxing walk, exploring forests filled with wildlife, or climbing a hill just so you can get to the top and catch a glance at the breath-taking country views, all of us countryside lovers are adventurers at heart. Adventuring off into territories unknown isn’t always in everyone’s comfort zone, so we have highlighted a few apps for finding routes and footpaths that we believe do what they say on the tin and more.


Footpath Route Planner: Customise Your Country Adventure

A quirky little walking app that adds a sense of adventure to your walk. Simply by using your finger to draw out your desired route on the map, it will snap your footpath to available roads and trails that you can use. The map’s footpaths are incredibly detailed, allowing for full customisation making our walk as simple or complex as you want. Be ready to walk on the path less travelled (and most likely bramble filled), as it will let you explore your countryside as you have never seen it before.


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Go Jauntly: Walking with Mindfulness

In addition to providing walking routes near your location, Go Jauntly focuses on helping you connect with the natural world around you. Using their algorithm their Green Routes function helps you find local walks with healthy streets and footpaths that will immerse you in nature. In addition, their Nature Notes lets you jot down the magical moments you experience in the countryside, whether that be a deer crossing your path or even how beautiful the trees are, taking note of these little moments will help your everyday wellbeing.


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ViewRanger: The Ultimate Adventure Guide

If you are looking for the most reliable app to plan your countryside adventures, ViewRanger is trusted by rescue teams all over the world. With powerful GPS navigation, you are still able to discover routes even if you have no signal (we do love our peaceful countryside black holes, but not when we’re lost!). With their premium service you also get access to their augmented reality tool ‘Skyline’ that will let you use your camera to identify peaks, places, and other landmarks when you are out exploring (even offline). While you plan your walking routes using their walking guides, you can use Skyline to guide your adventure as you go along!


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Whether you are exploring somewhere new or intentionally getting lost in somewhere familiar, these apps will help you see your countryside in a whole new light.