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Brax Behind the Brand

Last Updated on February 2, 2022 by Rachel Thomson

Everything you need to know about BRAX

The History of Brax
The beginnings of ready-to-wear

Bernward Leineweber and his wife Mary opened a ready to wear clothing store for men in Berlin, Germany, in 1888. Formally a master tailor, Bernard quickly jumped on the transition from bespoke to ready to wear as the popularity for clothing ready to wear, but more importantly fit well, grew from strength to strength. They had a clear objective when they opened, that they would continue to adapt their clothing offering, so that there was a something for everyone, and every shape. The business managed to survive the first world war providing military outfits, however The Great Depression was too much for the business to handle and the finance was no longer there to keep it going.

In 1932, Herbert Tengelmann took over Bernward Leineweber, he was a young entrepreneur and concentrated on production of goods at his own company in Herford, with a view to building retail in Berlin. His department store was a huge success, and as the Second World War began Leineweber was called upon to manufacture uniforms.

By 1948, Leineweber had overcome the Second World War and had begun a full reconstruction, opening new branches in Berlin and Bielefeld. In 1950, Leineweber launched BRAX, a new trouser brand. The new brand saw rapid growth, and not long after added ladieswear along with Germany’s first trouser with a zip fastener in 1960.

By the late 60’s Leineweber continued to retail strongly but faced the repercussions of the recession and the impact this had on manufacturing. A lot of pressure was put upon the company with the influx of cheaper product from the Far East.

During the 70s, Brax had gained itself a reputation as a specialist trouser brand. Leineweber was bought over again in 1979, and Brax continued to grow from strength to strength with customers relying on its guaranteed fit, they had confidence in the look, feel and fit of the trousers.

After selling off the retail stores, Brax Leineweber restructured and moved into department store concession stands. In 1998, Brax opened a quality control department in the new logistics centre in Herford.
Today, Brax has a reputation as one of the best trouser brands, with a continued commitment to quality and fit.

Social and Environmental Responsibility at Brax

Brax are aware of the responsibility that they have for their own workers and suppliers worldwide. They ensure that the employees of their suppliers enjoy good and safe working conditions despite the difficulties faced by global supply chains. They are part of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI) and the amfori BSCI Network Committee, working proactively to improve social and environmental standards in the supply chain. Brax continues to work towards producing resource efficient and sustainable collections. They have launched a new label called Blue Planet, which highlights products that are sustainably produced, using sustainable raw materials and environmentally friendly production procedures.

Where is Brax manufactured today?

As the pressure of manufacturing increased, Brax moved their production to Eastern European factories. Whilst no longer manufactured in Germany, product design and the brand headquarters remain there still. All products still go through the quality control process and because they work closely with their suppliers, the fit and quality remain as superior as ever.

Brax’s quality fit and fabrics

Brax take great pride in providing fits for all shapes and sizes, that truly do fit.
All products at A·Hume are measured in house, and we also offer a free alteration service should you require an alteration on the length.

Looking after and washing Brax trousers

Looking after Brax trousers is fairly straight forward and varies from fibre to fibre. Most trousers can be washed at 30 degrees (wool trousers on a cold wash), we don’t recommend tumble drying your trousers and iron on a low temperature.

Don’t believe us? Hear what our customers have to say…

“Brax. The most comfortable trousers that I have ever owned.” – Nick Henderson
“Like the colour and comfortable fit.” – Robert Arnott
“Great quality well finished.” – David Jordan
“Fit and good material I will buy brax again.” – Joseph Fleming
“Really, really impressed with them.” – Ronan Delany
“Lovely fabric and a good weight, great value for money.” – D A Bowes

Brax have now been a “go to” brand for trousers for many years. Their reputation precedes them in terms of their quality and fit and many people find once they try their first pair of Brax trousers, it won’t be their last, they appreciate the comfort, durability and most importantly, the effortless fit.

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