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#CountryRules What to Wear to the Rugby: 6 Nations

Sitting in the open air to watch Six Nations rugby isn’t without its challenges.


Many of these challenges are predictable, such as where you’ll get wet if it rains, which seats are coldest, warmest, sunniest (we should be so lucky)…or that the ref will make a dodgy decision and that you’ll need to sell a kidney to afford to eat at the gourmet burger stand.


However, as predictable as they are stadiums are still filled with fans complaining about the cold and the price of a pint. Nothing we can do about the pint – you could always abstain – but we can give you good advice on what to wear if you insist on sitting on a plastic fold down seat for 90 minutes in the heart of winter.


Contrary to popular opinion the macho stuff happens on the pitch, there’s nothing heroic about sitting freezing in the stands.


The Basics



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Do wear a hat. Something to keep you warm. Or dry. OK, so you may fear you’ll lose it in the pub after but that’s what your pocket’s for. Team hats = good. Clearly a Scotland hat is BEST.

Do NOT wear a silly, great hat inside the stadium. It will simply annoy the people behind you. By all means, wear one before the match, but quite honestly…..novelty headgear, really?

Shop hats.


Scarf and Gloves

Same advice for scarf as for hats. Team scarf = good. Otherwise something 100% wool in tartan (i.e. Scottish). Gloves good too. Shop Scarves and Gloves.


Base Layer

A decent merino base layer is a no brainer really, but it’s amazing how few people do it. Shop the Icebreaker Oasis Crewe and Icebreaker Oasis Leggings.



Team shirts are great (double base layer if you plan on wearing your jacket open). Otherwise a good, casual shirt does the job. Warm and looks good. Shop our shirts collection here.



A February 6 Nations match is definitely a job for the Schoffel fleece. Or a big woolly number with a high neck. Shop the Schoffel Berkeley Quarter Zip.



Warm and casual with lots of pockets for those hats, scarves and gloves is the order of the day. Shop the Barbour Sapper Jacket.



Your feet will be cold. Almost best to dress as you would for a day on the hill, i.e. boots and hiking socks. Shop Icebreaker Hike+ Heavy Crew Sock and Meindl Respond Mid GTX Boots.


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