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How to Wear a Polo Shirt


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When enjoying the warmer weather, a crisp polo shirt is a perfect fit whether we are relaxing at the beach or flipping burgers at the neighbourhood barbeque. Here is a little guide on how to make the most of this wardrobe staple, and how you can nail smart and casual looks this coming summer.


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How Should a Polo Shirt Fit?

Fit – Size, Length and Sleeves


The most common mistake men make when buying a polo shirt, is buying too big. Even with more generous sleeves, classic cut polo shirts fabric should not billow beneath the arms pits or fall in folds. It should fall in a straight line from the chest.



In terms of length, don’t let it hang below hip level. Ideally it should fall no more than 2 inches below the waistband.



These should finish mid-bicep. Whether you choose loose fitting or gathered seams is a matter of personal preference.


How Should You Wear a Polo Shirt?

Casual and Smart Casual Style

For Casual Style

The polo shirt offers endless casualwear opportunities. Wear it tucked, or untucked – though as above, never let it hang too low. It is a general rule to not pop your collar (now that we’re adults we don’t feel it’s necessary to look ‘hip’). Don’t be afraid of colour. Choosing a bright colour can really lift an outfit without upsetting the balance. In addition, a pair of jeans will help dress down your polo shirt for some easy casual style.


For Smart Casual Style

A neat unbroken silhouette delivers the smartest results, so choose a more fitted polo shirt that can be tucked in neatly.  Crisp white, light colours or even sporting darker colours like navy give a smart feel to your outfit. A pair of chinos will style perfectly with your polo shirt for a smart casual look.


What Should You Wear with a Polo Shirt?



A polo shirt under your sweater is a great way to pull of smart casual summer style. If you’re outside enjoying the countryside summer all day and the weather cools in the evening, a bit of light knitwear layered on can keep you warm and stylish.


Blazers and Tweed Jackets

A crisp new polo shirt looks great with a blazer or tweed jacket. You can play with complimentary colours and textures to great effect. Pairing a polo shirt with a tweed jacket instantly gives it a more contemporary (but still casual) look and feel.