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Men: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

The wedding season is in full swing, maybe it’s family, your best mate’s or you’re a plus one on the arm of someone you need to impress. Whatever the case, if you’re reading this our guess is that you’ve got an invite and you’re pondering what to wear.


For the purposes of this guide, we are focusing our attention on areas where ‘summer’ generally means hotter and sunnier climates. So, whether it be the south-east of England or far-away shores, a summer wedding can provide the opportunity for a semi-formal approach; either a summer suit or super smart blazer from a brand like Dubarry and chinos.



When choosing a summer suit, consider the weight, fabric and colour.


Fabric and Weight

Aim for linen, cotton and light-weight wool mixes. Natural fibres breathe more easily and will keep you looking and feeling cool.



Choose paler tones to suit the season, blues, stone and light charcoal grey all fit the bill.



Slim leg trousers with a slightly shorter leg length work better in summer. This is especially true when choosing a linen suit. A slim legged cut will keep its shape better, with more generously cut trousers there’s always the danger of crumpling.  A proportion of synthetic fibres in linen trousers will help avoid the scrunched look.


Blazer, or Tweed Jacket and chinos


A crisply tailored blazer and chinos is a great option particularly if smartened up with ‘wedding appropriate’ accessories, such a button hole, cufflinks or pocket square.


Fabric and Weight

Single breasted, two, or three-button blazers in linen or light-weight wool are a good choice. Lightweight summer tweeds are becoming ever more popular, especially appropriate for summer weddings.



Dark navy can be a bit sombre so opt for paler tones. You’ll never regret investing in a good blazer. They’re versatile wardrobe staples and you’ll get lots of wear from a good blazer. Light mossy tweeds with checks in pale blues and subtle lilacs are a very classy summer choice. They exude sartorial confidence.



Closely tailored chinos look much smarter than loosely tailored fits. Aim for a crisp trouser break (the point where the trouser hits the foot), with no more than one break/fold to avoid the baggy/overly casual look.





Be sure to choose 100% natural fibres as synthetics won’t let you breathe so the prospect of sweaty dancing looms large. If you’re wearing linen, a cotton dress shirt is a crisp textural contrast.



Colour and Pattern

A dress shirt, or pocket-less Oxford are the smarter option. Plain white is the safe, classic choice. If you opt for colour select lighter tones that compliment your suit or blazer. A small gingham check is appropriate if the wedding is less formal.



The wonderful thing about neatly tailored waistcoats is that as the day progresses you can take your jacket off and relax but the waistcoat keeps you look sharp and smart.


Tie, or No Tie

A silk tie in a half-Windsor hits the spot. Or adopt the airtie – top button done up, no tie.



Accessorise with a button hole, tie pin, pocket square, cuff links or a belt. RM Williams offer a range of accessories like this, as well as brands like Pampeano and Schoffel. It is these small details that elevate an outfit and really make the difference.




Plain Oxfords, or lighter brogues in brown and oxblood work well with paler suits and chinos where black can look a little heavy. The exception is the charcoal suit, in which case a pair of plain, black Oxfords is good match. Smart dress loafers from a brand like Dubarry are perfectly acceptable in less traditional contexts. Match these with a pair of understated socks, Scott Nichol offer a range of socks like this, as well as Pantherella or House of Cheviot.



For more advice on choosing shirts and summer jackets.



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