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More than Just Boots, They are Blundstone Boots

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Rachel Thomson

Everything you need to know about the extremely popular Blundstone Boot…

Where is Blundstone from?

Hobart, the capital city of the Australian island state of Tasmania, dwarfed by the impressive Mount Wellington, the second oldest Australian capital to Sydney and home to the iconic Blundstone Boot. Today, the company headquarters can be found in Moonah, Tasmania, which heads up all of their admin, marketing, logistics and quality control. This is also where all of their product design and innovation is carried out.

Where are Blundstone boots made?

All leather Blundstone boots are manufactured overseas from Vietnam, Thailand, India, China  and Mexico. Blundstone employ their own workers at the overseas factories to ensure they have full control over the productions process and most importantly quality.

The History of the Blundstone Boot

In 1853, James and Thomas Cuthbertson, brothers from England set sail on the Coromandel ship, headed for Melbourne, Australia. As fate would have it, their ship was blown off course by the Roaring Forties and instead docked in Hobart Town, Tasmania. James made Hobart his home, where he married and started his own business making and importing shoes. His shoe business was inherited by his first born son, James II.

Meanwhile, John and Eliza Blundstone arrived in Hobart from Derbyshire on the Conway ship. John was already experienced in the manufacturing of footwear and set up his own business in Liverpool St, Hobart and in 1870 Blundstone was officially established.

In 1932, the Great Depression led to difficult times for Blundstone, and the company was sold by the Blundstone family. Blundstone was purchased by the grandsons of James Cuthbertson, James and Thomas, which they combined with their own footwear factory under the Blundstone name.

Is Blundstone a sustainable and ethical brand?

For the last 150 years Blundstone have been committed to producing tough, no-nonsense boots, that are sturdy and sustainable, maximising the use of recycled materials in their manufacturing and ensure that all materials are sustainably and humanely sourced. Their boot boxes are single material 100% recyclable and they minimise the use of raw materials, chemicals and fossil fuels in their production process. Blundstone recycle one million litres of water annually, and are constantly working towards improving their practises and the impacts they have on the environment.

As with any overseas manufacturing it is important that brands have control over the working conditions and standards that the employees are subjected to. Blundstone ensure that the people working their factories are employed ethically and free from exploitation and ensure that their employment standards exceed the minimum government standards of that country. They work hard to contribute towards inclusive employment and carry out supply chain monitoring and independent workplace audits.

Admirably, Blundstone are extremely transparent about their production process and where their goods are manufactured, this open approach means they can hold themselves to account on the ethical and sustainable aspects of their business.

Why are Blundstone Boots so popular?

Affectionately known as “Blunnies”, a market research report in 2011 showed that Blundstone is Australia’s best-known, most-loved and most-worn boot brand and it is easy to see why, they are extremely durable, reasonably priced, and offer a unique yet popular style. The Chelsea Boot has always been an extremely popular style, dating back for decades, and the Blundstone boot is a modern, urban take on the classic boot, and although it’s more fashion forward than traditional, the practicality of the boots means they are extremely popular in rural areas when you need a good sturdy pair of boots over different terrains.

Find out more about the Chelsea Boot style in our Chelsea Boot: The Ultimate Buyers Guide.

Originally produced as work-wear boots, Blundstone boots are renowned for being hardwearing, the longevity and multi-purpose of the boot, along with their style means the boots popularity continues to go from strength to strength.


Who wears Blundstone Boots?

Blundstone are loved and worn all over the world, particularly Australia, The USA and The UK. Blundstone boots are worn by many celebrities including David Beckham, Brad Pitt and most recently Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.

How long do Blundstone Boots last?

Of course it depends on where and how the boots are worn, and the care given to them, but with the correct care each pair of Blundstone boots is expected to last between 2 and 7 years, please note however this is not a guarantee.

When should you wear Blundstone Boots?

Blundstone boots are a great year round boot, suitable for winter and summer wear. You can of course as a sheepskin wool footbed for extra warmth in those chilly months. They are great boots across different terrains and are worn by farmers, city slickers and those who enjoy spending time outdoors. They are ideal boots for walking in all seasons, given their practical features, whether you are walking the dog, walking on the beach or out with friends, you can easily pop into a coffee shop mid way and still look stylish in these boots.

Are Blundstone Boots waterproof?

Blundstone boots are not 100% waterproof but are water repellent, they are constructed so that your foot can still breathe whilst in the boot. There are few seams on the boot, which means fewer places for water to penetrate. You can confidently wear them in all weather.

How should Blundstone Boots fit?

Blundstone boots are notorious for initially being quite difficult to get on, this is because they are made to fit tightly around your ankle, over time they will give slightly, particularly around the instep area, but never in the length. Once the boot is on, they are quite loose fitting so there is room for the foot to sit comfortably, a cm or so of heel lift is normal.

Women are recommended to take a size smaller in unisex boots. Each pair of Blundstone Boots comes with a removable comfort footbed and extra set of footbeds for custom fit, meaning you can customise your boots to fit you perfectly.


Original or Classic series – What’s the difference?

The Originals Series (also known at the 500 series) and the Classics series (also known as the 550 series) host the some of the most popular styles of Blundstone boots and are the iconic boots that most people are looking for. Whilst both are just as popular as the other, there are some differences between the two styles:

  1. The Classics are wider fitting than the Originals, so are perfect for those with a wider foot.
  2. The Classics have a leather lining, adding additional warmth and comfort.
  3. The Originals are lined with cotton, allowing the leather to breathe more, however the same 2.5mm premium leather is used on these boots (same as the Classics) so they remain durable and are not more susceptible to wear.

Classics Series

Stylishly simple, the unisex Blundstone Classic Boot is a hard wearing, comfortable Chelsea boot…everything a staple boot should be.  Durable, resilient and versatile made from the highest quality leather with comfort at the core. Removable EVA cushioned footbeds and XRD Technology to absorb shock make these boots ones you will never want to take off, absorbing up to 90% of the impact as you walk. Made from water resistant leather, with iconic pull tabs, these boots are built to last with double stitching, durable leather and tough TPU outsole which keeps you steady on your feet. Available from A Hume in Rustic Brown, Walnut Brown, Rustic Black and Nubuck Navy.

Originals Series

Equally stylish, the classics are produced from a water resistant leather, this includes our latest suede boot, which is a water resistant waxed suede.  Double stitching around the heel panel and elastics provides extra durability. TPU outsole for extra stability when on uneven terrain and an SPS Max comfort system with toe spring and XRD Technology in the heel reducing wear fatigue and increasing comfort. Available from A Hume in Stout Brown and Dark Olive Suede.

Blundstone Boot Care

Top Tip: If your boots are looking a little scuffed and worn use a leather conditioner when required.

Leather Care:

  • Remove any mud or dirt from your boots with a soft bristled brush or damp cloth.
  • Leave your boots to air dry away from direct sunlight or artificial heat as this will cause the leather to dry out and crack.
  • Apply leather polish or cream, testing on an inconspicuous area of the boot to check whether it alters the colour or appearance.
  • If using a polish apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a polishing cloth or brush and rub into the boot in circular motions.
  • Wipe away residue and leave to dry.

Top Tip: Store your boots in a well ventilated area.

Nubuck/Suede Care:

  • Use a dry nubuck cloth to remove any surface dirt, and brush gently with a nubuck brush.
  • Take care not to spend more than a few seconds on each area.
  • If you have any scuffs remove them with a gum eraser by simply rubbing and wiping away any rubber debris.
  • Alternatively you can use a spray-on nubuck cleaning solution, and wipe the area with a nubuck cloth.
  • Dab the boots with a clean towel to remove any excess moisture and leave to air dry.

Top Tip: Apply a nubuck water and stain repellent on your boots when you first get them and after cleaning to prolong their lifespan. It is always good to remember to waterproof your boots regularly to protect the leather.

Consistently Good Looking

A boot for all seasons and all weather. They can be dressed up or dressed down. The Blundstone boot is a boot you can rely on.

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