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The Origins of the Sport Jacket

Style and Function


As the name suggests, the term Sports Jacket is derived from the 19thC Victorian sporting pedigree of the style. More specifically from the tweed jackets that were worn when pursuing the country sports made popular by Queen Victoria herself.


Tweed is the ideal fabric for hunting, shooting or fishing, it’s warm, hardwearing, and the heather and moss tones of the time were perfect in a rural sporting context.


The jackets in those days were necessarily loose fitting, to allow for free movement with gun or rod. And the lapels were long and tapered, making it easy for the wearer to access the multiple inside pockets used for storing sporting paraphernalia.


sports jacket sketch 2


Over the years, as menswear evolved away from the strict dress codes of the Victorian age, gentlemen began to favour their tweed sporting jackets outwith sporting life. The comfort offered by the less strict tailoring made the Tweed Sports Jacket ideal for the informal daywear that was now acceptable.



By the 1930’s the Tweed Sports Jacket had become a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe.  It was the stylish option for the modern man, the preferred choice of the Madison Avenue Exec and the backbone of the Mad Men look.


Today, the Tweed Sports Jacket retains the features of this period. The jacket is cut to sit at the base of the hips. The fit is an easy flattering line, though contemporary tastes do tend to favour a lightly tailored silhouette known as the English Fit.


Sports jackets feature either two, or three buttons; again contemporary tastes favour two buttons, creating a long elegant line from the collarbone to the base of the chest.


The pockets are predominantly straight flap pockets with a single welted breast pocket.  Vents are an essential feature on any well-tailored Sports Jacket, be this a single centre vent or a double vent.


Every man should have at least one, if not several well-crafted sports jackets in their wardrobe. Today, sports jackets are manufactured in a bewildering variety of fabrics, some more worthy than others. Investing in a good Tweed Sports Jacket will mean you’re sartorially set for life. You will be able to step confidently into any situation.


Magee and Bladen use only the finest 100% wool tweed cloth for their Tweed Sports Jackets. The vivid colours featured in their contemporary tweeds update the cloths heritage credentials. Blue, pink and heather overchecks on pale grassy tweeds bring a fresh sophistication to the Tweed Sports Jacket.


All Bladen and Magee Sports Jackets are fully lined in rich jewel like shades of silk satin and discreetly labelled. A Hume and Bladen share the labelling on exclusively for branded Tweed Sports Jackets: a small private reminder to the wearer alone of the integrity of your tweed jacket.


These are jackets to be worn however you please, with jeans, chinos, or cords; layer up underneath or sling your sports jacket on top of a plain t-shirt. It is virtually impossible to go wrong with a good Tweed Sports Jacket.


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