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Top Reasons to Buy Barbour

If we were stopped in the street and asked what is country clothing? An image would pop into our head of someone in the middle of the peaceful countryside and of course they would be wearing a waxed jacket, but not any old wax jacket, it has got to be Barbour.

What makes Barbour a truly great luxury brand?

A long-established history

In 1894 John Barbour opened J Barbour & Sons in South Shields, in the Northeast of England. After noticing the need for waterproof clothing for those who spent time in the harsh weather of the British countryside both professionally and recreationally, he began retailing from their new store. By 1908 Barbour were producing mail order catalogues and within ten years this accounted for 75% of their sales and saw them trading internationally. After much success in retail, Barbour began manufacturing in 1957 after building their own factory on the outskirts of South Shields. They remained there until 1981 when they moved to a new factory, still in South Shields where they remain today. Today, Barbour remains within the Barbour family, a fifth-generation family-owned business which in today’s climate is something that proves this brand is a true GREAT of Britain and it is a brand that as a country retailer, we are extremely proud to offer.

The original flagship Barbour store in South Shields.

Commitment to sustainability and British manufacturing

Using their in-depth knowledge of manufacturing to their advantage Barbour ensure that all of their employees and suppliers are subject to safe and fair working conditions and that their responsibly source their materials. A member of the Better Cotton Initiative, Barbour have big ambitions to source 90% of their cotton more sustainably by the end of 2023. 70% of their fabrics come from bluesign approved mills that ensure there are no hazardous substances in their waterproof materials. They do not use real fur and their wool is free from mulesing and are committed to using more recycled materials in their production.

Whilst not all the Barbour products are now manufactured in Britain, Barbour work closely with their external partners to ensure that the attention to detail and quality expected from Barbour is never substandard. Barbour are committed to continuing with the production of their classic waxed jackets from their factory in South Shields and the iconic Beadnell, Beaufort and Border jackets all remain made in England.

The Barbour factory in South Shields today.

Why you should own a Barbour Jacket

Only the best fabrics are used

When John Barbour opened in 1894, South Shields was home to a very busy port of which John Barbour would find a ready market amongst the sailors, fishermen and shipyard workers. Waxing fabric to make it weatherproof has been traced back to the 15th century. A Process that has been around for such a significant amount of time further cements the quality of the fabric and clothing produced by Barbour, in our books if it isn’t broke don’t fix it and that is why Barbour are still producing the best weatherproof clothing on the market today. In the 1930s the waxed 100% cotton that we know today was produced, it was impregnated with paraffin which resulted in a waterproof cloth that was less rigid. As with any manufacturer they are always striving for better, and there have been improvements made in the production of the waxed fabrics, but the essence has remained the same.

Failproof fashion

A Barbour jacket is simply put timeless. That word is thrown around a lot, but how often do you come across styles that have literally stood the test of time. They are always in fashion; they are versatile pieces that have you looking the part touring the ground of Balmoral castle or at the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

Built to last

Not only are Barbour jackets constructed in a way them last for generations by the skilled hands of their craftsmen and women, Barbour encourage you to repair and rewax your jackets, further increasing their longevity. This service can be done at Barbour HQ in South Shields, but you can also use the Barbour Thornproof Dressing to ensure your jacket is always waterproof and looking its best.

The original factory in South Shields.

Weatherproof and Warm

Famous for their waxed jackets which are renowned for being extremely weatherproof and warm, Barbour also offer a range of quilted jackets and raincoats and using the best technology they are waterproof, warm, and breathable, all you could need for spending quality time in outdoors.

An investment that you will get your money’s worth out of

A Barbour jacket is worth the investment. It is practical, weatherproof, warm, stylish and has got the potential, with a little bit of care, for you to pass it on to your son or daughter.

Style loved by many

From rock stars to royals, the Barbour wax jacket has been an iconic look for many. Barbour have Royal Warrants for the Queen and the Prince of Wales, and the Barbour Winter Defence is often seen being worn by Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge.

From rock stars to royals. The wax jacket has performed impressively for years.

Find the right Barbour Jacket

With so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to start. From traditional jackets to modern cuts and styles there is something for everyone.

Traditional wax jackets

To this day Barbour produce timeless pieces that have dressed hardy country folk for almost 50 years. You will recognise names such as Beaufort and Beadnell because these styles have been the most popular jackets for years, and in our opinion, they won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

A contemporary twist on the classics

But a business like Barbour is never standing still. They are constantly keeping up with new trends and styles, appealing to younger markets (and older) by putting contemporary twists on their classic wax jackets.

Tried and tested

When people ask us why we love Barbour it is an easy question to answer. It is their Britishness, their quality, skill and craftsmanship, style and country charm that makes them a firm favourite at A·Hume and amongst our loyal customers.

“My 3rd Barbour jacket in 30 years and this one will surely prove to be as good and long lasting as the others were. Very comfortable and as always weather proof.” – Anonymous

“Also the best and most usable wax jacket out there. This is my second. My first I wore every day for over 10 years.” – Anonymous on the Beaufort Wax Jacket

“Perfect fit and quality is just as I expected.” – Anonymous

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