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Where it all began
In the 1930’s and 40’s there was widespread emigration in County Galway. Some believed that creating long-term jobs for local craftsmen would help keep them in the area. With this view, Dubarry was established in 1937 by the Ballinasloe Chamber of Commerce as a co-operative company to provide employment in the small town of Ballinasloe, in Galway on Ireland’s west coast. Their plan worked and Dubarry helped to keep craftsmanship in the town.

The business began with the manufacture and design of quality leather moccasins. By employing local skilled craftsmen and women, Dubarry’s products became synonymous with quality workmanship and its reputation grew.

What’s in a name?
The founders wanted a company name that would appeal to a European market and to differentiate itself from other Irish brands. They chose Dubarry, after Madame du Barry, a famous French courtesan.

Born Jeanne Becu, she was an exceptionally beautiful woman whose looks attracted the attention of several aristocrats. She became Madame du Barry after marrying Comte Guillaume du Barry in 1768. In that same year, she was noticed by the King of France, Louis XV. Madame du Barry became a well-known courtesan and the mistress of Louis XV, enjoying privilege and high status within the French Court.

The name Dubarry was chosen for its associations with luxury, exclusivity and sex appeal.

From the sea to the country
To grow the business and take inspiration from County Galway’s sailing heritage, Dubarry moved into the sailing shoe market. They applied the same quality leather shoe techniques to sailing or deck shoes. Dubarry’s deck shoes became affectionately known as ‘Dubes’ and following their success, they used high performance materials to develop a sailing boot. Launched in 1991, the Shamrock boot was the first boot to incorporate Gore-Tex®, making them fully waterproof.

This led Dubarry to develop country boots using the same Gore-Tex® technology. The iconic Galway Boot was launched in 1997. A fully Gore-Tex® lined and waterproof boot, Galway withstands the rigors of a country-lifestyle. Dubarry again took inspiration from its local heritage. A town rooted in the countryside, Ballinasloe remains the site for the oldest horse fair in Ireland.

Expansion into clothing and accessories
In 2008 Dubarry developed a clothing range, designed to provide comfort and protection for an outdoor lifestyle. The clothing collection includes tweed jackets and skirts, gilets and practical waterproof coats.

Dubarry also offers leather accessories, handbags and luggage, made with luxurious leather and attention to detail.

Dubarry continues to take inspiration from its Irish roots and landscapes. Its headquarters remain in Ballinasloe, where new products are designed and tested. The company has flagship stores in Dublin and London, as well as a store in the horse-racing town of Cheltenham.

Ideal for town or country, Dubarry boots have been worn by several celebrities and are often seen on fashion-conscious festivalgoers. As Tatler magazine once said, Dubarry boots are ‘stylish enough to wear in town, sturdy enough to sink into the shallows with a wet dog’.

As with any leather boot, Dubarry boots need care. They are built to last using durable and supple leather. However, that does not mean you can leave them covered in dirt or manure without sacrificing their durability.

If you use your boots for yard work or light equestrian use, you should always rinse dirt off after use. Step 1 is essential. Why? Manure, waste liquids and salt water are very corrosive to leather.

To keep Dubarry boots looking their best follow this easy seven-step care guide:

1. Remove dirt:
Use your hose to spray off dirt, mud, manure, salt water etc. Use clean cold water. For stubborn grime, scrub with a soft brush.

2. Use cleaner:
Apply Dubarry Footwear Cleaner all over your boots with a sponge or soft brush and lukewarm water. Work the cleaner vigorously into the leather in a circular motion to get a good lather. This helps to remove ingrained dirt and residues.

3. Rinse off cleaner:
Hose down your boots with clean tap water to remove the lather and excess cleaner, but avoid over-soaking the leather.

4. Leave to dry:
Let your boots air dry naturally for at least 24 hours. Never put them near an open fire, radiator or artificial heat to dry.

5. Protect and condition:
Spray Dubarry Footwear Protector over your boots outside. It renews the water- repellent and stain resistant finish.

Pay particular attention to any nubuck or suede and allow absorption of each layer of protector before spraying again. You can spray several times, as long as you allow the product to absorb into the boots for 5 minutes in between sprays. Wipe away any excess from soles and welts.

For the smooth leather on your boots, you can also apply Dubarry Footwear Conditioner to restore the water-repellent finish and protect against stains.

6. Leave to dry:
For Dubarry Footwear Protector or Footwear Conditioner to get to work, allow your boots to air dry naturally for 2-3 hours or ideally overnight.

7. Cream – the finishing touch:
Dubarry boots are made from natural leather which needs moisturising regularly to help preserve and soften them. Repeated wetting and drying can eventually lead the leather to crack. So natural leathers, just like human skin need regular moisture.

Apply Dubarry Leather Cream sparingly to the smooth leather only. Do not apply to nubuck or suede areas. Ensure you apply cream to the flex area of the boot, the area that bends as you walk. Rub in gently with a clean cloth.

What not to do:

  • Do not use saddle soap to clean boots. Saddle soap risks softening the leather too much where it loses its shape and form, causing it to stretch and even collapse at the ankle.
  • Do not dry your boots near artificial heat, as this can make the leather crack. Allow boots to air dry naturally at room temperature.

Dubarry boots last for years with proper care.

Restore colour to your boots:
Well-worn boots can fade over time, even if they are cared for. Colour fading is a natural process in leather. To bring the colour back to your boots, use Dubarry Leather Colour Restorer.

How to apply Colour Restorer?

  • Ensure your boots are clean and dry first.
  • Use a soft cloth or brush to apply a small amount of cream to the smooth leather uppers, leather heel and sole edges. Do Not use on suede or nubuck areas.
  • Rub the cream gently into the leather, wiping off any excess.
  • Let your boots dry for 2-3 hours.
  • Buff with a clean, soft cloth.

Which colour to use?
Dubarry’s Leather Colour Restorer comes in three colours: black, dark brown and mid-brown. Test in a discrete area before applying all over to check you are happy with the colour.

As a general guide use:
Black – for Black, Dark Navy or Carbon coloured boots.
Dark brown – for Walnut, Mahogany, Old Rum or Donkey Brown coloured boots.
Mid-brown – for Brown, Chestnut, Bourbon, Whiskey and Tan coloured boots.

Other care tips

  • Use Dubarry’s Boot Jack or Travel Boot Jack to help get muddy boots off. Do not heel kick when removing your boots – over time this can damage the leather heels.
  • Keep your knee length boots in shape with Dubarry’s Long Boot Trees and for mid calf length boots (Donegal and Kildare) use the Short Boot Trees.
  • Store your boots in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or damp.
  • Taking your boots away with you? Keep them secure and protected in a Dubarry Boot Bag.

Jacket care guide

Tweed jackets
Dubarry’s tweed jackets are made from Teflon® coated 100% pure new wool. As the jackets have a tailored fit they have specific washing instructions.

Washing your tweed jacket:

  • Dry clean only.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Should not be hand washed.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Always follow care label advice.

Outdoor jackets
A number of Dubarry’s outdoor jackets have a Gore-Tex® lining to help keep you warm and transfer moisture to the outside of the jacket. Due to the technical performance fabrics used in their design, they need special care. To clean your Gore-Tex® lined jacket, hand wash gently and do not dry clean or tumble dry. Allow to dry naturally.

Dubarry’s PrimaLoft® lined jackets provide excellent insulation. Each jacket style has specific washing instructions on the garment care label. For the 100% waxed cotton PrimaLoft® fill styles, such as the Mountrath, follow these tips:

  • Sponge clean only.
  • Do not wash, iron or tumble dry.

Knitwear and shirts care guide
Dubarry offers a wide selection of jumpers, fine knitwear and shirts. To care for your Dubarry garments we recommend checking the care label first.

Many of the Dubarry shirts are machine washable. Some of the jumpers are made from delicate yarns and should be hand washed only. Always follow care label advice.

Boots fit for the country
Dubarry boots offer a superb fit. Counterfeit products will not feel the same on your feet. Dubarry boots are handcrafted in Portugal, a country recognised for its shoe making. Some features that make their fit unique include:

The Gore-Tex® lining in Dubarry boots makes them stand out. From top to toe, each boot is made with Gore-Tex® – a four layer waterproof and breathable system. This makes them perfect for an outdoor lifestyle.

The first layer wicks away internal moisture from your feet. The second traps air to retain heat. The third layer is the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® membrane. It is unique by allowing perspiration to penetrate it, transferring moisture from the inside to the outside of the boot, but does not allow water to enter. Gore-Tex® keeps you dry. The final textile layer prevents damage to the lower layers.

Team your boots with a pair of Dubarry Boot Socks or wool socks for warm, dry feet whatever the weather.

Injection moulded soles
Dubarry Galway Boots and many of their original boot styles have a Duo compound PU and rubber moulded sole. The sole is directly injected and attached onto the upper without using glue or stitching. It is pressed as one piece to the upper, meaning the perfect seal keeps out water. This sole gives excellent traction for country terrains, with a deep tread and fantastic support.

Dubarry’s more formal boot styles have a leather-rubber mix sole unit to give the suppleness needed for smoother surfaces.

DryFast-DrySoft™ breathable leather
Dubarry boots are made from premium cowhide leather. The specially treated leather absorbs less moisture and requires 70% less drying time compared to other leathers.

Choice of calf widths
Dubarry’s Galway Boot comes in three fit variations – RegularFit™, ExtraFit™ and SlimFit™.

SlimFit™ - If you have a slimmer calf this is the fit to go for. The slimmer calf measurements correspond to the size of the boot – see our Size Guide for more information. The foot entry and joint measurements are the same as the regular fit.

RegularFit™ - The standard fitting Galway Boot. See our Size Guide for more information.

ExtraFit™ - Has extra width at the calf for a more generous calf muscle. Also, the foot entry and joint measurements are wider, ideal for a higher instep or wider foot. See our Size Guide for more information.

More boot fit advice:

  • If you have a high instep we would not recommend the Dubarry Longford and Clare Boot styles. Instead consider the ExtraFit™ Galway Boot.
  • We recommend wearing merino wool socks, Dubarry’s technical socks, or Alpaca socks with your boots. This ensures you get maximum benefit from the boots Gore-Tex® lining. Cotton socks may be less effective as they retain moisture and sweat more easily. Alpaca also has the benefit of being hypoallergenic and ideal for those with wool allergies.

Dubarry boot sizes:
Dubarry’s unisex style boots are available in sizes 3–13. The ladies boot styles come in sizes 3–9, such as the GlanmireLongford and Limerick Boots.

Dubarry deck shoes
Dubarry’s deck shoes and sailing shoes are renowned around the world.
What makes their fit unique?

  • The award-winning NonSlip-NonMarking™ design – giving grip and durability in all weather conditions, reducing the risk of slipping.
  • The ExtraLight® sole technology – combines a strong and flexible outsole with an ultra-lightweight midsole made from recyclable materials.
  • Made from DryFast-DrySoft™ leathers – breathable and water-resistant.

Dubarry clothing fit guides

Size guidance:
Women’s Dubarry clothes are generally available in sizes 8 to 20.
Men’s clothing in sizes Small to XXL.

Our A Hume fit team have individually measured many Dubarry garments to give you accurate fit guidance. See the ‘Size Guide’ measurements on product pages.

Dubarry jackets are perfect for city or country. They offer a range of styles including tweed tailored styles and outdoor PrimaLoft® or Gore-Tex® lined jackets.

Women’s Dubarry 100% wool tweed jackets are tailored to fit a feminine figure, so styles nip in at the waist and sit neatly on the hips without restricting movement. They are Teflon® coated for water-resistance. For a fully waterproof jacket, choose a Dubarry outdoor jacket with an insulated lining.

The PrimaLoft® and Gore-Tex® women’s outdoor jackets have a regular fit, allowing you to wear layers underneath and enjoy an active lifestyle. PrimaLoft® provides high-performance insulation, keeping you warm without bulk.

Dubarry Men’s coats and jackets have a regular fit. Their outdoor coats allow you to fit layers underneath and move freely for country sports.

Knitwear and shirts
Ladies Dubarry knitwear and shirts are designed to offer a flattering feminine fit. Their ladies shirts offer a neat, tailored fit.

The women’s knitwear range is generous in size, with a slightly longer length in the body and arms. Wear Dubarry knitwear with a shirt or fine layers underneath.

Dubarry men’s shirts are designed to be easily tucked in and feature curved hems. Men’s knitwear is cut to a regular size.

Skirts and trousers
Wear Dubarry’s coordinating tweed skirts and jackets for a smart country look - ideal for sophisticated weekend style. Dubarry’s Fern tweed pencil skirt is tailored and sits high on the waist for a form-fitting look. Their tweed mini-skirts sit lower on the hips and have a straighter shape.

Dubarry’s women’s jeans come in flattering slim leg styles. Made using quality stretch fabrics, they give a little for excellent comfort in wear. They also wash and wear beautifully after repeated laundering.

A Hume offer a free leg-length alteration service for men’s and women’s trousers on purchase. Simply fill in the comments box at the checkout. Anything altered cannot be returned for a refund or exchange.

Belts and accessories
Dubarry offer a range of accessories, hats, luggage and belts to complement their clothing.

The Dubarry handbag range perfectly complements their boots. Pair your Galway Boots with a coordinating Clara Large Saddle Bag for example, to complete your country outfit. The handbags feature the same branded Dubarry metal logo and distinctive contrasting leather band details featured on the boots.

Dubarry’s hats include traditional tweed caps, fur hats, and structured felt hats like the stylish Rathowen Hat. They come in Small to XL sizes – see the Dubarry Hat Size Guide on each product page.

How to find the best hat fit?
For men or women, we suggest measuring your head to find the best hat size:

1. Place a measuring tape at mid-forehead level, around your head and just above your ears.

2. Note down your head measurement in centimetres and check your size against the product page Size Guide.