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Mens Schoffel Trousers and Breeks

Our range of men's Schoffel trousers and tweed breeks compliment our jackets and shirts perfectly for that sporting look that Schoffel is famous for. Schoffel uses the most durable and breathable fabrics to ensure these garments will see you through many a sporting event.  

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14 Items
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Where it all began
The Schoffel story began over 200 years ago when Bavarian stocking salesman George Schoffel founded the business in Schwabmunchen, Germany, with a range of high-quality stockings, socks and hats. The town was well-known for its knitting expertise and Schoffel ’s headquarters still reside in Schwabmünchen today. It remains a family run business and is led by CEO Peter, a seventh generation Schoffel.

Changing direction
For three generations it was led by Peter’s father, Hubert Schoffel , who changed the direction of the company in the 1960’s from everyday wear to mountain sportswear. He tapped into the popularity for hiking, skiing and outdoor sports, developing a range of men’s and ladies outdoor clothing.

The breakthrough - Gore-Tex®
In the 1970’s Schoffel began to experiment with a new textile breakthrough called Gore-Tex®. Initially, this new fabric was not well received due to sweat evaporating on the fabric. However, a solution was found to the sweat defect by making the material waterproof. Schoffel recognised that the durable, waterproof and windproof fabric sounded perfect for outdoor jackets.

Believing in his vision for the material, Hubert Schoffel placed an order for a 24,000 jacket capacity to be available without a single order made. A trial number of mountain anoraks called ‘Tibet’ were manufactured using Gore-Tex®. Following an advertisement campaign by Gore, they were a fantastic success. The risk paid off. 

Quality and innovation
The company’s ethos for cutting edge development, innovation and quality fabrics still lie at the centre of the business today. Known for its award-winning Country range, the Schoffel Country (UK) brand was devised over 25 years ago with the launch of its original Ptarmigan shooting coat. It became known as the quintessential ‘shooting jacket’, with a flexible, larger shape in the shoulders, deep pockets for carrying cartridges and hidden zippers to not scratch the rifle.

2004 marked the 200 year anniversary of Schoffel’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality outdoor clothing.

Schoffel is now an internationally recognised brand, having expanded into 15 countries worldwide. It offers a sought-after outdoor clothing collection for men and women, with fleeces, jackets, shirts, knitwear and accessories.

Working closely with world-class shooting retailers, Schoffel ’s Country range has continued to develop. To celebrate the Ptarmigan’s 25th anniversary year in 2018, Schoffel has introduced the Ptarmigan Pro, a coat that uses the latest three-layer laminate Gore-Tex® fabric. At A Hume you can shop a large selection of the Schoffel range.

The durability of Schoffel garments depends on appropriate care.

General care tips

  • Always look at the care labels for washing guidance.
  • Never use fabric conditioner or biological detergent to wash waterproof items.
  • Use less detergent more often, instead of a lot of detergent occasionally.
  • Do not exceed maximum washing temperatures.
  • Regularly waterproof outer fabrics made of functional fibres, such as Venturi or Gore-Tex®.
  • To re-proof garments use specialist (silicone-free) waterproofing agents, such as Nikwax TX.Direct® Wash-In.

Fleece care
Schoffel men’s and women’s fleece gilets and jackets are made from premium machine washable and quick-drying fleece.

Before washing, close all fastenings, zips and studs and turn your Schoffel fleece inside out.

Follow the care label guidance and never use fabric softener. As a general rule – machine wash at 30 degrees. Use a mild laundry detergent and ideally one specifically for membrane clothing (available in specialist sports shops).

Fleeces made with Primaloft® Black Eco padding must not be ironed.

For tumble drying advice, check the label first.

Removing stains
To remove a difficult fleece stain, Schoffel advises using liquid gall soap. Rub the soap into heavily soiled areas and leave to work for a short while before washing. Avoid commercial stain removers, as some contain chlorine or oxygen bleach which could damage your fleece beyond repair.

Regular care of your Schoffel fleece will ensure it lasts longer.

Shooting jacket care
All of Schoffel's shooting garments are machine-washable and quick drying, making them easy to clean and maintain. If your shooting jacket gets wet, make sure to hang it up carefully after use so that it dries without creases.

Once dirty, it’s best to give the jackets and trousers a light wash. Brush off any loose mud or dirt and turn the garment inside out, closing zips and fastenings first.

Use a water-based washing liquid specifically designed for waterproof clothes, such as Nikwax Tech Wash®. Do not use a general purpose or biological washing detergent, as this can damage the waterproof properties. Never use fabric softener.

Follow care label advice and wash separately. As a general rule - wash at 30 degrees, spin briefly and dry naturally.

Schoffel shooting jackets and most of their over-trousers offer 100% waterproof protection. Waterproofed clothing is designed to repel dirt and water. The outer fabrics of Schoffel clothing are waterproofed during the manufacturing process. However, waterproofing is not permanent.

If the care label allows, heat the garment in the tumble dryer to reactivate the waterproofing.

To renew waterproofing it is best to use a special (silicone-free) waterproofing agent or spray, such as the Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On or TX.Direct® Wash-In. Do this regularly or after 2-3 washes to maintain the durability of your Schoffel.

Removing stubborn stains
If there is a stubborn mark or heavy soiling, Schoffel suggest using liquid gall soap. Rub the soap into the stain and leave to work for a short time, before washing. Do not use commercial stain removers, as they may contain chlorine or bleach which could damage the waterproof membrane.

To get the best performance from Schoffel clothes, adopt the layering principle.

Each layer has a specific function:

  • The base layer is the soft next-to-skin layer.
  • The mid layer is the insulating layer that retains body heat and transfers moisture to the outside.
  • The outer layer is your shield that keeps rain, wind and cold out.

These three layers will provide the ultimate protection against the elements.

For each layer, it is best to use garments made from technical performance fabrics, as other fabrics do not allow moisture transfer. Schoffel’s mid and outer layers are designed using performance fabrics.

Base layer
For your base layer, wear a fine 100% merino layer such as Icebreaker’s Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe. The base layer is sweat-wicking and is ideal for wearing in cooler conditions, helping to transfer moisture to outer layers.

Avoid wearing 100% cotton for your base or mid layers, as they will hold moisture. A base layer made from a performance fabric will help you get maximum performance from your Schoffel clothes.

Mid layer
Schoffel fleece gilets offer superb insulation from the elements. Wear them as a mid layer, over your base layer and underneath your coat for extra warmth in the winter. They store body heat as well as being breathable, allowing moisture to make its way to the outer layers.

The men's Oakham and women’s Lyndon fleece gilets are made from premium fleece that seamlessly traps heat and transfers moisture to the outside.

Schoffel’s cotton-cashmere jumpers also provide a quality mid layer and can be worn underneath your gilet.

Outer layer

Effective outer layers are wind and waterproof, without being heavy or restricting movement.

Schoffel’s iconic Ptarmigan shooting coats are 100% waterproof and windproof, with breathability allowing moisture to escape. The shooting jackets allow full range of motion. They are generously cut so layers can be worn underneath.

Schoffel have broad sizing options.
Ladies sizes: 6 to 22
Men’s sizes: 32 to 56 (inches)

Schoffel gilets have a tailored fit and are true to size. Wear with a shirt or light base layer underneath and an outer jacket over the top as part of a layering system. For a perfect fit, there is an adjustable drawcord on each fleece gilet.

Choose a size up from your normal size for a more generous fit or to allow for several layers underneath.


Schoffel knitwear provides neat fitting layers for warmth. Wear knitwear over a shirt for extra cosiness.

They include quality details such as ribbed hems and cuffs. The men’s cotton-cashmere jumpers include turn back cuffs, allowing for a generous arm length. Wear them with the cuff down or back. For ladies, the velvet trims around the cuff and neck mean you can wear the jumpers for multiple occasions.


With a generous sleeve length and quality fabrics, Schoffel shirts come in a variety of styles for men and women.

For casual style, their ‘relaxed fit’ shirts are perfect, providing a looser fit for maximum comfort. For a true-to-size fit, choose their ‘classic’ or ‘tailored’ shirts. Schoffel’s closest-fitting shirt design is their ‘contemporary fit’, shaped to sit closer to the body for a flattering silhouette.


Schoffel shooting jackets are generously cut to allow layers to fit underneath and a full range of motion in wear. Designed with a longer length to cover the hips, they offer fantastic protection from wind and rain. This generous cut is also featured in Schoffel’s traditional tweed shooting jackets for ease of movement.

The shooting jackets either have an extended shoulder seam or added stretch built into the fabric. Both allow freedom in movement and no pulling of your arms and shoulders when participating in country sports. The inner storm cuffs also protect you from the elements and prevent the jacket arms moving up during wear.

The down-filled and insulation range of jackets also provide ample room for layering underneath.

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