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William Lockie Mens

Since 1874 William Lockie & Company have been creating luxurious knitwear in the world's purest fibres at their riverside mills in Hawick, Scotland. The company embraces the very latest in technology alongside the craftsmanship and experience that established its quality pedigree. The resulting blend provides a manufacturing capability which produces the most complex designs quickly and efficiently, and creates knitwear with that unique Scottish quality. 

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Lambswool, Merino Wool and Camelhair

There are a large range of colours available in our lambswool and merino wool collection - look at our styles and our great range. All William Lockie knitwear is made in Scotland - it is quality knitwear knitted on a 15 gauge frame machine. William Lockie knit all their products "tight with extra twist" to ensure their knitwear does not pill or bobble. William Lockie pride themselves in making the best lambswool sweater in the world - try one for yourself!

Lambswool, Merino Wool and Camelhair
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One of the rarest and most precious natural fibres in the world, its lightness, warmth and caressing touch make cashmere one of life's ultimate pleasures. Every man should own a cashmere sweater and there are a fantastic selection of colours available in both the William Lockie quality crew and vee neck. Have a look and add one to your wardrobe - you will not regret it!


William Lockie & Co, a staple in luxury knitwear for over 140 years, is one of the longest-running mills in Scotland. It uses traditional methods and with technological advances to produce consistently superior quality cashmere, lambswool and geelong garments and accessories.

A History of Quality

Ever since William Lockie & Co opened its doors in 1874, tradition and quality have been of the utmost importance. One of the oldest family-run companies in the Scottish borders, it has been producing fine knitwear from the same Hawick building since its inception. Stepping into the mill is a journey into a bygone era, made even more authentic by the original 1950s interiors.

Despite adapting certain advances in technology, the company still employs workers to do a lot of the traditional sewing and production by hand. This hand-crafted detail sets William Lockie apart from many of its competitors as many have moved on to more automated production lines in order to produce larger quantities which, naturally, depletes quality over time. William Lockie employs some of the most highly skilled people in the trade and supplies luxury knitwear not only for the William Lockie brand but for a number of top fashion houses around the world. Providing a consistent and nurturing workplace has encouraged generations of families to become long-serving employees, passing essential skills that would be otherwise lost in the modern world.

The Secret of William Lockie Cashmere Wool

The scrutiny the wool endures in order to be used in the mill is also one of the most integral secrets to the long-running success of William Lockie & Co. Cashmere is sourced from the soft undercoats of mountain goats in Mongolia and China and the company refuses to use fibres that do not meet a particular length and thickness standard. This attention to detail ensures that the garments remain consistent and reliable. The yarn is brought in by another Scottish luxury knitwear company, Todd & Duncan, which was founded in 1867 and has grown in a similar style to William Lockie. Todd & Duncan still operates a very locally minded business, despite being known worldwide, and offers only the highest quality lambswool, cashmere and geelong yarn. The location of the William Lockie mill on the banks of the River Teviot provides access to soft, natural water which is used to clean and treat the fabric for maximum softness.

Pride and Tradition

William Lockie has been a part of A Hume’s offering since 2010 and we share a similar business outlook and sense of local community – Hawick is only a short distance away from our headquarters in Kelso. It is an honour to work with such a long-running Scottish enterprise that instills the same feeling in those who purchase and wear the garments. A pride in Scottish tradition and sporting events such as golf has seen William Lockie sponsor and donate garments to the Ryder Cup championships for the past few tournaments. If you have caught any post-match press interviews, you may have noticed participants wearing William Lockie cashmere Melrose sweaters in blue and red. As businesses around William Lockie continue to give in to big company buy-outs and advances in automation, the luxury mill continues to keep its traditions close. With a simultaneous focus on trends and classic design, William Lockie continues to stay a step ahead in this ever-evolving industry.

William Lockie - How to Care for Your Cashmere

As retailers of luxury goods and quality brands, we put a lot of thought into how to care for our products. From wearing and washing to pilling and storing, make the most of your wardrobe with our top tips on how to care for your cashmere - the official guide taken from generations of experience.